The Return of Worship at Rumi’s Cave

When were places of worship reopened? Places of worship were reopened on April 12th, 2021 along with the easing of some other lockdown restrictions. April was an important month for religions and faith because this year Easter, Passover, Ramadan and Vaisakhi all fell within the month of April. What is Rumi’s Cave? Rumi’s cave is […]

Labour Party Corbynites may be shifting towards the Green Party

It would seem to many that Jeremy Corbyn’s left wing policies and ideologies were driving many Labour supporters away from the Party and towards the Conservative party; in the last general election the Conservative Party won by a majority. Although the Labour Party has always been viewed as more left-wing, many supporters were not convinced […]

Mayor Candidate Farah London joins anti-knife crime charity outside City Hall in protest against Sadiq Khan

In the race towards the upcoming mayoral election, representatives from political parties have been campaigning to get their voices and proposed policies heard. But one candidate for the election doesn’t belong to any political party. Farah London, a businesswoman born in Croydon, is pledging to fix housing problems, improve transport links and control knife crime […]


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