It would seem to many that Jeremy Corbyn’s left wing policies and ideologies were driving many Labour supporters away from the Party and towards the Conservative party; in the last general election the Conservative Party won by a majority. Although the Labour Party has always been viewed as more left-wing, many supporters were not convinced by the promises made by Jeremy Corbyn if he was to win the election.

The media’s attack against Corbyn also did not go in his favour and as a result of this criticism, many long-term Labour supporters voted against him. But there are many people who voted for Corbyn because they were fans of his principles and what he stands by.

Since Sir Keir Starmer has taken over leadership of the Labour Party, he has shaped a very different Labour to the one under Corbyn’s leadership. This may be in an attempt to rebuild the Labour Party and to gain back its popularity, but some see Starmer as more of a left centric figure- something which many are a fan of and some are not.

Some Corbynites, in the search for a more leftist party, have found refuge in the Green Party. One of those is Huseyin Ali-Diakides, 36, who is a long-term supporter of Corbyn and an Ex-Labour Party Secretary, “I feel like the Green Party is the only major party that even half speaks for me at the moment I feel like right now the labour party is just like The Conservatives,” says Huseyin.

Huseyin, 36, is currently a campaigner for the Green Party for the upcoming mayoral election “You’ve got very different ideologies in the Green Party, but everyone shows each other respect, there isn’t the fighting there isn’t the factionalism. It’s more of a left-wing party than Labour which is traditionally more left wing, Keir Starmer has come and tried to suspend anyone who is on the left,” says Huseyin.

Sian Berry, the co-leader of the Green Party who also stood as a mayoral candidate for London gained just under 200,000 first preference votes in this year’s mayoral election doubling the party’s total vote in 2012. In Bristol the party saw a particular success, the Greens now have 24 councillors in Bristol, up from 11 and Labour is down to 24 from its previous number of 33. Labour has now lost control of Bristol, with the Greens taking 12 seats from Labour, they have now become the joint biggest Party in Bristol City Council.

Axcell Reyes Mendez, 25, an electrician from London has also converted to the Green Party, “For a long time, I had been pro labour because of Corbyn and his hard-pressed views on moral dilemmas of today’s society. His rock-hard stance and ‘underdog’ appearance unwittingly drew me to be in favour of the Labour Party,” says Axcell. 

He also has been disappointed in the state of the labour party since Keir Starmer was elected leader, “This year I joined the Green Party as both the policies of the Conservatives and Labour left me with little to no choice.”

A Green Party spokesperson said: “The Green Party is attracting voters from across the spectrum. We’re happy to have voters, whatever their previous voting preferences, as they recognise that we are the party that speaks up on climate, on the rights of young people and those losing out in the present political and economic models”.